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Could somebody measure how far exactly the vector cap goes beyond the crank and let me know.To my great surprise my power numbers went down by about 30W (from 250W to 220W on one climb about 36mins and from 225W to 193W on another climb of 53mins).To take just one of your objections, the one about the cost of batteries: The expected duration of the batteries used by Vector is 175 hours.

On the contrary, is varying (0.03), then (0.00), then (-0.03) after (0.00), then (0.06), then (0,00) and so on.Almost the same goes for the Power Readings, when pedalling in descents, even though I had some force on the pedals, the readings showed 0 a lot.Within a Static Torque test you hang a weight of a known value (i.e. 25 pounds) on the cranks.The August 12, 2013 post on link to does address my question to some extent, but perhaps the analysis could benefit from the additional data now available.I am training on a Lemond Revolution, so back wheel is taken out and bike dropped onto Lemond.I run a Garmin Edge 500, and the other day I had a warning that my power meter battery was running low.They tested Vector with other power meters and they noticed that Vector shows higher power (30-50W) values after re-calibration (re-insert batteries).Before the ride they calibrated successfully both prior to the ride and then pedaling backwards they were set.

Check out the bikes in this pic ( link to ). One of the ones against the team bus even has pods installed.I would appreciate it if you could kindly amswer my question.They work a dream and training with power on the road is awesome.Technically any position is fine, but the Vector team recommends this position for the highest accuracy.I completely forgot that I have that post bookmarked to read when I am getting ready to buy.

If you find my review useful, you can use any of the Amazon or Clever Training links from this page to help support future reviews.Ordering your specified blackhawk is not available for us in australia even through amazon.The purpose of this step is to tell Vector how the force sensors are aligned in relationship to the cranks, which is required in order to calculate power.

I purchased them used and as far as I know they were never updated.I would get regular, but intermittent cadence and hence power drop outs.

In the second two photos (3a and 4a) the Vector was again with the Edge 800 and the Powertap was connected to an Edge 500 with the same settings.To overcome this, you should set the crow foot attachment perpendicular to the torque wrench and when you apply the force to the torque wrench handle, make sure you apply your force perpendicular to the torque wrench(as you rotate the bolt, your direction of force to the handle may not be perpendicular if you do not consciously do it).Quarq, Vector, SRM, and almost certainly Stages will all suffer the error.Apologies for the length of the previous posts and thanks for those with first hand experience for putting me straight and allaying my concerns.Note: New April 2014 model allows up to 18mm and 44mm in height.Or do you just hop on the bike and do the spin without selecting a calibration mode.And the thinner width just happens to be the side the vector pod is supposed to go.Vector and PowerTap tracked better than Quarq and PowerTap, with Stages a clear 3rd.I smoothed the data 5 seconds then used parabolic interpolation to pick out the peaks.

This happened on a track bike while doing a standing IP start.The weather was good so it was a while before I had another reason to use the turbo and that time I got wild power fluctuations and after looking at the data I realised it was because the LH power would drop to 0% intermittently.

I firmly believe that the best way to get relevant test data is to simply train as I normally do.In my opinion, the indicated watts on the display are not accurate.This is a serious design flaw that they would use such a flimsy piece of metal.Here is first strange behaviour: Left\right balance seems to be sketchy: I did quick test: Full calibration, placed bike on the trainer without any load.So my questions are how to get the info I seek out of the setup:- 1.Though, I would have just been happy with a snack size bag of gummy bears instead.My perception tells me that the power read outs from TACX are more correct, and as this seems to happen each time I thought of sharing this information.Just wondering if these Garmin pedals are significantly narrower, and if so, whether this would take some getting used to after using Shimano.I use SRAM force crank on this bike and I would use two washers in future.

The new pods fit crank arms up to 15-18mm thick, and up to 44mm in height.As a side question, if Garmin head units are capable of accepting input from a 1 side unit, why not fail over to 1 sided power when 1 side fails.Have a couple of good deals I am looking at, but the best is from a non brick and mortar store and not a Garmin dealer.If I put the pedal by hand in the crank arm and just turn the crank arm, the pedal will be tightened until some torque stop it.I put my old Shimano pedals on this morning and there were no problems, so it seems to be a pedal issue.

Not to mention I have clearance issues with cannondale SISL cranks but not with FSAs on my tri-bike.To illustrate the importance of this I put together this fun little chart.Just go and do about 3-4 hard efforts for just a few seconds to ensure everything gets tightened up.

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